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You're very welcome to raid your brain and add some thoughts on the topics below.  It may be useful for letting off steam, having your pennyworth, or sharing caring. There'll eventually be a compilation and discussion page - as well as plenty to feed PPhunnybones articles...


The idea is to gather in one place what at present sits in many minds: some useful experience to share on-line, raise debate over lunch, debate in a PPhunnybones article, or discuss in team meetings.


Just e-mail in your Thought to any time.


NB1 There'll be a sensible over-view of content, and editing if appropriate.

NB2 If your Thought appears, it'll usually be shown without your name - unless you're happy for it to be public. A job title or indication of business area that could be shown would be useful eg medical director, CRO managing director, pharmacoviligance executive.


Yes?  Then here are some starters to think about...


What don't Medical Directors want Managing Directors to ask?

(and vice-versa, of course)


What are the signs of a civilised organisation?
(And have you an example that springs to mind?)

These were some replies from something similar asked few years' back.

  • The visitors' car parking spaces are closer to Reception than the Directors. Recruitment agency MD.

  • The receptionists look pleased to be starting for the day. Editor

  • One that still allows its workers a lunch break. Management Consultant

  • One where the CEO offers to make a cuppa occasionally.  When pilots did this the flight attendants loved it. Former air hostess turned management psychology consultant

  • Not giving the same task to different people hoping one will come up with the desired answer - and not re-writing a delegated task! Skills Agency Director

  • EGs: The Women's Institute, the Royal Navy as met on Whale Island, the Quakers, Mother' Union.


What are some warning signs & symptoms with CROs?
(And Medical Advisors?)

Can you think of or up equivalents or similar guidelines to those below from your own experience? Or have you advice to offer?

  • "A sign of an incompetent radio producer is one who books Robert Peston as a panellist on Just a Minute."

  • "A sign of an incompetent lawyer is one who won't speak to you without their lawyer present."

  • "When they're loading the presentation you glimpse thumbnails of 50 slides - all only words, all with a big company logo..."

  • "You know you're in trouble with an IT expert when they bring out a monkey wrench."

  • "A sign of an incompetent accountant is one who uses only Roman numerals."

  • "A warning sign with a garage mechanic is when they go Oh Dearie Me before they've opened the bonnet."




Moments of Mirth at Work

Into every working life some fun must fall. Many people have brief experiences to recall - which perhaps resulted in a knowing kick under the table or a smirk as someone got a come-uppance, or gave years of laughter.

Have you something to share like these examples?

"It was a 2pm meeting of senior medico-marketing management.  Not everyone due was there. On the dot, the Managing Director got up - tetchily - and locked the door.  A few minutes later the Marketing and Medical Directors appeared, laden with files. They tapped on the window and mouthed to all of us: the door’s locked. The MD ignored them, and the meeting carried on regardless of the flustered faces outside, which eventually disappeared.  We all got the giggles - including the MD. From then on, everyone was in place at meetings well before the posted start time..."

"How to make a sales representative a mate for life on a field visit. On our own in a GP's waiting room, I spotted a poster about some new proposed Act of Parliament. It said: Fight the Bill.  I got a magic marker out and changed it to Fight the Old Bill. Never heard the last of it from the representative, who couldn't stop laughing.  Every conference he'd buttonhole me and tell others in the field force about my daring. They couldn't really appreciate all the mirth - but they seemed to have a nervous respect for me when I got to wait with them in waiting rooms..."




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