Us supporting the
Enough Food For Everyone IF Campaign

Justice & Peace activities in the parish of St Francis of Assisi in South Ascot UK


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in collaboration with our neighbours South Ascot CofE Parish
and others around

a special ecumenical gathering
in support of the nationwide campaign aimed at the G8



IF youíre not among the tens of thousands of people and 100+ organisations in London on Saturday 8 June, youíll perhaps appreciate this alternative.  Itís so you wonít miss out showing solidarity with the historic Food Enough For Everyone IF Campaign - aimed at the leaders of the G8 meeting in the UK for the first time since 2005.

Itís an appropriate collaboration between good neighbours - Anglican and Catholic churches in the South Ascot area.  But this ecumenical gathering is meant to be of service to anyone across East Berkshire - in any church, school, group, family or otherwise - who hasnít anything IF arranged but wants to take part.  All are welcome to join in this informal and quite historic event.

Using a mix of resources, the IF service has been developed to provide insights, deepen understanding, share personal experience, and offer a time of prayer for all involved in making hunger history.  And to count our blessings. 

NB If you think you're likely to attend, it will help to e-mail this to

The IF Campaign is a coalition of over 200 UK NGOs, charities, faith groups, unions and other organisations - including Just1.

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The outline programme - starting at 7.30pm

  • Welcomes

  • Readings

  • The IF Campaign aimed at G8 leaders 

  • 10 Questions

  • Hungry for Change Ė CAFOD slideshow reflections

  • Living Below the Line - a personal experience of £1 a day

  • Hunger on Our Doorstep Ė an update and thank you from Bracknell Food Bank

  • Time of Reflection, based on material by Christian Aid

  • Adding hearts, minds and voices

  • Blessings

  • Afterwards: Fairtrade cuppa

IF you want a poster, newsletter item or background briefing, you can download them in the A4 Word format below.

IF brief