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Justice & Peace activities in the parish of St Francis of Assisi in South Ascot UK


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  For Christmas 2011, our Union of Catholic Mothers organised a raffle in support of ANAWIM.  This is a women's centre in Birmingham for women with multiple issues including offending, drugs, sex work, and domestic abuse.

The raffle raised £800.  Well done, and thanks to everyone involved.

ANAWIM is a remarkable project operated in collaboration with the English Province of Our Lady of Charity and Father Hudson’s Society. The work has grown from the initiative of two Sisters who came to Birmingham in 1986.

With the support of Father Hudson’s Society they began outreach on the streets – befriending and offering support to women involved in prostitution.

Initially they also offered welcome and support in their own home, but as the work grew and the needs of the women became clearer, use of a nearby Centre was necessary. This was refurbished in 2002 and is now a very busy Centre. The team has also grown. In 2009 there were eight full time staff – seven paid and one unpaid, seven part time staff and eighteen committed volunteers. The project sees its role as being able to provide long term relationships with the women as they seek to change their lives. It seeks to respond to, and work with, the many Government initiatives connected with reducing women’s offending and re-offending.

Anawim aims to be a real Alternative to Custody for the women, for whom custody only compounds the problems.

For more information on Anawim, click here

For more information on Anawim,
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